90 EP-Stane and 120 D-Plex over 6 weeks - how would you run it?

  1. 90 EP-Stane and 120 D-Plex over 6 weeks - how would you run it?

    I know they're both methylated but I'm not max'ing out on either:
    I am doing this because I've had preexisting gyno flare back up suddenly from a week of DAA (I thought the Erase and good DIM+TMG, folic acid, and B12 would prevent it) and want to fix the gyno and have a nice cycle simultaneously (I'll do a good PCT afterward).

    I want:
    90 caps 25mg D-Plex (the methyl DHT precursor) and
    120 caps 15mg (not 10mg) EP-Stane (Epistane/Havoc clone)

    to last 6 weeks - I can't afford more, I do not think, and guarantee proper PCT financing.

    I don't know if this matters but I bulk easily and care more about definition BF, and am also more concerned with keeping blood levels constant as not to do the roller coaster that surprises some who actually get gyno flare up from these because of inconsistent levels and half lives (EOD's and pulsing where you're low in between is not for me in this case).

    How would you run this? Ramp up the epi and then ween onto D-plex? I've heard something about deactivation of methyl DHT in skeletal muscle if you don't overload its reuptake/metabolizer etc. or else I'd just do 1/3rd less of each together to stretch 4 week supply into 6 assuming it's enough since I'm stacking them, but maybe this would be a waste of the D-Plex since supposedly it takes 100mg to overload the said enzyme(?)? Or is the epi help overload the same enzyme as the D-plex anyway?

    Anyway, any advice how you'd run this is appreciated, THANKS!

  2. (24 hours later) anybody?

  3. why stack the two?

    just buy another bottle of each, and run solo for 6 weeks.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

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