huge phs discounts from dps , lol can't wait tell january

  1. huge phs discounts from dps , lol can't wait tell january

    companies with big stocks are reducing the price alot

    for the first time 1-ad is for 25 bucks

    m0hn for 18 bucks

    in januray they might be sold for 10 bucks, hold on stocking so they reduce the prices especially just before the ban

  2. 5% is not very much of a discount. I've already stocked. If I see something cheap I'll get it as an extra.

  3. lol, it's not 5 percent scroll down , prohormones has special discount

  4. Lots of Shady brands there...

    Avoid IDS.
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  5. Some shady PH brands, but for other stuff, DPS is a good retailer with good prices.

  6. Dunno 'bout shady brands, but Legal Gear's MOHN TWO-mg caps are on sale only $26 !!!

    I think *every* board sponsor has both double that strength AND a better price (& we won't even mention Custom's powder - which is excellent stuff BTW)....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    Lots of Shady brands there...

    Avoid IDS.
    bump that.


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