What to take?

  1. What to take?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently 22 and I've been lifting for 4 years now. I'm at the point where I see myself going to the gym and I'm making little to no gains. I want to try a PH but never really knew what to take how how to take it. Im 165 at 5'9". My goals are to lean up.

    Also another question. When I'm browsing the forums, I see people type stuff like this "30/30/40/50/50" I know that has to do with the weeks in their cycle, but do the numbers mean MG per day or pills per week?


  2. Its mg not pills!! Lol. Hey I just started my first PH but I'm 26 and have lifting seriously for about 2 yrs. My advice is to start light. There's no need to rush and I have spent about a year researching the stuff. This isn't a race just do your research and eventually you can take the PH plunge if you choose. My only concern is that you aren't even 25. Your T levels are most likely very normal. I would personally wait until you are at least 25

  3. So it's 30mg a week for the PH? or 30mg a day for that week?

  4. No its 30 mg a day for that week..so 30/30/30/30 is 30 mg everyday for four weeks

  5. If you're going to start go for something mild..DO NOT jump into a superdrol cycle

  6. there are countless threads on beginner cycles
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  7. You need to run a food cycle, orally.

  8. If your bodybuilding with those stats you should consider making changes to your diet/life style


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