D-Plex/The One, etc. vs. Epistane?

  1. D-Plex/The One, etc. vs. Epistane?

    I want to know if it's best I take D-Plex or Epistane or if it's 6 of one 1/2 doz. of the other in my situation.
    I've read until I'm blue in the face and can't decide (or half a dose of both?).
    Unfortunately I got one nip of either gyno or pseudo-gyno years ago when my roomate injected me with too much test cypionate.
    I suspect it's pseudogyno on the left nip and a touch of real glandular gyno on the right -- there's hormonal, glandular activity for sure whether you want to call it "real gyno" or not by actually measuring the gland vs. fat deposits when it's dormant later or what...
    I mean burning and swelling right behind the nip and it took years to mostly fade with extra fat around that nip forever.
    I didn't know about DHT precursor therapy and there wasn't this choice of OTC AI's or SERMS etc. back then (crysin and plain indole-3 as we all know now are nothing by comparison of today's choices).
    I suspect it's pseudogyno on the left nip and a touch of real glandular gyno on the right -- there's glandular activity for sure whether you want to call it "real gyno" or not by measuring the gland when it's dormant later or what...

    Anyway anyway... it's ugly.
    After all these years it was about gone and I just started Erase and DIM, thinking I could get away with several grams a day of DAA that way but I'm freaking out because the predominant gyno nip is swelling and poking out right behind the nip after a few days with ye olde burning and sensitivity quickly. The Erase and DIM (good delivery DIM too with all the peripheral, pathway support vitamins and TMG) aren't enough for this sensitive, pre-existing, highly estrogen-receptive region with the DAA on top of it.
    It was stupid - I should have left out the DAA .. I just didn't know it would work that "well".

    So I've ceased the DAA, staying on/upping the Erase for now and the DIM, and/but want to do DHT therapy against the gyno ASAP.
    I'm considering D-PLEX( or The One etc.) or Epistane. I see a lot of guys in my shoes saying a combo of both works great (I'd rather be bald than have boobs)... but stacking two DHT methyls seems a bit redundant. What would you do? I don't care about instant results (some said the D-Plex acts a bit faster than Epi on gyno) but obviously want to get it under control relatively fast, and I'm working out a lot and am not picky about gains vs. cutting; I like a mix of both... I like dry gain and am endo- or mesomorphic as is so I usually bulk some anyway even if it's a supposedly cutting supplement. And I do want to work in an androgenic cycle in here instead of just taking AI-s or SERMS. I keep seeing hype making muscularity look better with epi's than D-plex, but I wouldn't mind some nice libido which seems to be dicey with epi reports after a bit, whereas I'd think the D-plex would be sure fire splediferous that way..?

    Which would you recommend from personal experience or consensus (more so than theory)? D-Plex or Epistane for my particular cycle? I'll do a good gyno-fear PCT. Thanks!!

  2. high dosed dplex

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