First cycle sustanon 250

  1. First cycle sustanon 250

    I have (3) 10ml vials of sustanon 250, and was planning on running it 12 wks @ 600mg per week. This is how I plan on running it:

    200mg Monday , wednesday , Friday

    HCG 250iu Monday and Friday
    (Wks 3-10)

    Arimidex 0.5mg EOD (or should I run it as needed)

    Pct: Nolvadex @ 40/40/20/20

    DAA @ 3g Ed

    Let me know what I need to add or change?
    Any help would be great!


  2. I always ran sust/omna MWF myself, easier to remember as opposed to EOD....with the days changing all the time, and you forgetting to inject on the correct day. Good deal on getting a vial, the karachi sust or omnadren I used previously was dosed 250mg per I had to leave some oil in the amp in order to get the 200/200/200....big difference to me between 5-600 and 750mg of test. I don't like to dose it that high personally. But yeah, I did arimidex EOD myself, but I'm a bloaty estrogenic bitch....that part depends on the user. Only you know yourself and how you react to test...

  3. Thanks for the info warbird, what about my pct?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bigzuma View Post
    Thanks for the info warbird, what about my pct?
    looks fine, pretty basic...but nothing wrong with that. you got your SERM and a test booster, those are the only two must's for me. You could add in some Erase or Erase Pro for weeks 3-6 to run an AI, and change up from the arimidex you used on cycle. Also cortisol control such as reduce XT or PS is a great addition. Those two things would be some 'extra' you could add in if you got the cash. I only trust clomid for PCT, even though it makes me feel like shyt, but I just suffer through the month. Never used nolva personally in PCT, but most of the guys swear by that is good enough for me. I usually use tamoxifen for gyno issues or prevention.

  5. Thanks, do I need to Change AI from on to pct?

    I'll look into reduce XT, PS,

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bigzuma
    Thanks, do I need to Change AI from on to pct?

    I'll look into reduce XT, PS,
    No ...I just like erase or erase pro in PCT. but you could run low dose arimidex just as well

  7. To dose arimedex for pct , run it the same @ 0.5mg or lower?

  8. probably .25 EOD or E3D should be good....depends on how sensitive you are to estrogen though.

  9. Thanks I'll see how it go's

  10. Had another ? I have 23 g pins for test, is that fine? And for the hcg which is better sub Q or inter muscular? And what gauge pin for hcg?


  11. Just got my HCG and was wondering if I need to refrigerator it in its freeze dried state? Not going to start till 3 week of cycle.


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