I was reading up on serms and gyno. I was just wondering what the members of AM think about protection.

If you take nolva that is legit 20/20/10/10 after a normal cycle.
What percentage you think you would be covered with no gyno? 10 out of 10 times?

Or is it a gamble every time and using just nolva isnt enough?

I read a few cases where it wasnt enough but why is this?

im not scared or whatever about gyno or anything i ran 6 cycles just fine but expect im in pct of superdrol and my nipples seem to have alot more feeling going on where before i didnt feel anything on my previous cycles. My nipples were puffy on this sd cycle though.(nipples have return to normal size but i guess i have to re look at them cause the mass i gained in my chest area = success lol.)
Just wondering on people thoughts, opinions, and personal experience with it.