MDROL cycle needs advice

  1. MDROL cycle needs advice

    Hey everyone I need some input on an upcoming Mdrol cycle. I have taken Mdrol about 3 times now over a 3 year spand but I want some other input this time for the.most effective cycle possible. I have taurine lots of milk thistle on hand to run along with the Mdrol. I am deciding on the best way to cycle it and was contemplating 10/20/20/20 or 30 the last week. in the past I have done 20/20/20 and it didn't seem like I got too much out of it. For my pct Im thinking of taking nolvadex not sure what I should dose this as though. My diet is in check high carbs and around 220g of proteins a day. Also I was thinking of running a test booster a week after my cycle running it along with nolvadex, what test boosters would you guys recommend?

  2. So many SD threads floating around man, use the search function on the forums.

    Dose however you want, don't recommend going over 30mg. Nolva or Torem would be my call. CEL Cycle Assist for support, milk thistle on it's own is a joke. DAA during PCT and beyond PCT (6-8 weeks for DAA, it's cheap). You can also include cortisol control if you like, i always feel it is of benefit for most cycles.

  3. Thanks and yes I have looked at the forums I just wanted advice particular to me not other people but do you think I should keep it 10/20/20/20 or should I even risk 30. And also what benefits do cortisol have on cycle?

  4. Most mdrol cycles are the same. Either you're a first timer or experienced. If you're experienced you could do 20/20/30/30. Make sure organ support is locked in. CEL Cycle Support + TUDCA would be fantastic.

    You want to control cortisol during PCT as it's an easy time for cortisol to spike. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to fat storage among other things we don't necessarily want/need.

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