Saw Palmetto... Gyno?

  1. Saw Palmetto... Gyno?

    Ok, so I've now tested this two days in a row with the exact same results...

    First off, I don't have true gyno. I just have and have always had puffy nips. This might be fat, it might be several things, I don't know. My body fat is high enough that I can't tell. I have no lumps, so I'm wasn't terribly worried about it until this week.

    Here's the story though: I've been taking LGI Stano-200 (androhard/stano-drol) at 800mg a day for the past week. I'm pulsing 30mg Superdrol MWF.

    I've honestly been forgetting to take my CEL cycle assist regularly. It's hard to fit it in my schedule while trying to keep it spaced far enough away from my Stano/Superdrol.

    Well I have NEVER had nipple pain before last week, and it has directly corresponded with days I have managed to take both doses of my CEL cycle assist. I have only managed to get both doses on two separate occasions: monday, and then again yesterday. Both Tuesday, and today I woke up with VERY sore/puffy nipples and overall I just felt junky. Both days, within two hours of taking my first Stano dose the problem was either slightly alleviated, or gone. This makes sense, since Stano(DHT) is used to combat gyno.

    Today I took my entire dosage 800mg Stano at once, and it completely alleviated all symptoms. When I say they were sore, I mean they friggen hurt. I tried to blame it on yesterday's chest work out, but either way I noticed them without touching them. Sure enough, about two hours after the Stano dosage I had ZERO pain/symptoms.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not freaking out about having gyno, I am simply putting two and two together and seeing what you guys think might be going on here. I am not going to stop my cycle, but I might stop Cycle assist and just piece together my own cycle assisting concoction minus Saw Palmetto.

    So... We all know that Saw Palmetto has a direct effects on androgen activity correct? Could it be possible, that I am extra sensitive to low andogen levels and the Saw Palmetto in my cycle assist is affecting my androgen levels? In theory, if Saw Palmetto does effect androgen activity, someone with already elevated estrogen could have serious side effects directly after dosing due to decreased androgen activity?
    Could Saw Palmetto use during a cycle actually be causing gyno? People keep reporting gyno on cycles that theoretically should have zero chance of gyno issues, take mine for example, yet here I am experiencing early gyno symptoms.

  2. It would reduce the amount of testosterone that converts to DHT which may have an impact on estradiol. However with the large amount of extrogenous DHT you are adding I'm not sure that this would make much of a difference.

    I dropped Cycle Assist a long time ago and now use celery seed extract, hawthorn berry, coq10, and tudca.

  3. Cycle Assist won't have a huge effect on androgen.

    Edit: let me add this as well as i missed it when i read your post the first time.

    Just because a compound does not aromatize, does not mean there is no chance for gyno. If estrogen raises to a profound level, gyno symptoms may occur.

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