Hey guys, I am on my 10th day of underground labs m1t. And I am seeing no results and no sides. I took 10mg (one 5mg in the morning with food and one 5mg at dinner with food) for the first 7 days, and now I am taking 20mg at day (2 in the morning with food and 2 at dinner). Here are my stats, diet, and workouts....

    Height 5 foot 10
    Weight 203
    Max Bench 350
    Max Dead 450
    Max Swat 550

    I have been at this game for a long time, so I have the diet and the workouts down. I eat 25-35 grams of protein (either shakes, bars, egg whites, or meat) every 2 hours along with either a simple or complex carbo. I also have a huge protien/carbo shake at about 1000 calories before bed. Very little saturated fat. I cosume somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 calories a day, eating somewhere between 300-400 calories every 2 hours. My shake are made with milk except for my morning and post work out shakes which are make with water.


    Day 1 Chest and Bis
    Day 2 Back and Tris
    Day 3 Legs (heavy and light)
    Day 4 Chest (heavy)
    Day 5 Arms (heavy)
    Day 6 Back and posterior shoulders (Heavy)
    Day 7 Rest

    Why is m1t not working for me? It can't be my diet or workouts.

  2. M1T

    you might need to up the dose some more. just play with the dose and find out what works for you.

  3. DUDE over 200lbs 20mg per day...lots of complex carbs,add oat to the milk shake
    add one more rest day, this worked for me.. btw are you try'n to lift past your max.

  4. isnt it unsafe to take more than 20mg a day?

  5. push2more-I am working as hard as the can, past my max. I eat lots of carbs, I dont think that is it

  6. 20mg is the max,how long are you running...some ppl don't feel ug's for up to wk3.
    i wouldn't go pass 4wks..space to dose 12hrs apart,strength gains are something
    like 10% some casts 15% what is the % past your max are you at now. what's the lot#
    on your bottles,

  7. You say your not even getting any lethargy? slack on your diet with carbs for a day and take this much M1T and if it doesnt make you less focused then it could be an old batch that was placed in a new bottle.

  8. taking 4derm, no lethargy

  9. Time, not dosage worked for me...It took me three plus weeks for me to notice anything.

  10. theres another thread that talks about a bad batch of m1t.

  11. im in the same boat as you are bud...
    im in week 3 of 20mg /ed and not much response stacked w/ 4ad( 300 ed). started week 1 @ 10 ed and doubled in week 2

    no lethargy, no bloat, no strength gains only thing i have noticed is that recovery was very quick. weight has stayed the same but i think im loosing fat very noticeable in the waist line but im not cutting but my cals are above maintenance and im 170 lbs. I really wanted to find out how i react first before i buy alot. after the cycle ill check my bf% i started at 13.5%. i guess some do really respond differently

    previous ph/ps history:
    2 cycles of 4ad/1-test and gained 5 and 7 lbs from 4 weeks.

    btw i bought a 120 cap bottle (higher power) and my cousin used the other half and he only had to dose 10mg and his strength gains wr nice and there wr times when he felt lethargic. he has done 1 cycle of 1-test/4ad.


  12. I didn't feel much of anything at 10mg for the entire 4 weeks I took my M1T. I used Underground Labs.

  13. i would avoid UG labs. try omega if you can still find it.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    i would avoid UG labs. try omega if you can still find it.
    other than omega being a board sponsor....why do you say that?

  15. I've used UG and Gaspari with success. I noticed the effects after the first week.

  16. I'm on day 4 of 15mg a day using UG. I'm not stacking w/4ad. So far it is too early to tell, but I haven't noticed much. No sides to speak of and strength increases are the same as when I'm not on. I did feel a little bit harder yesterday and my forearms stayed extra veiny for the rest of the day after my morning workout. Don't know if the M1T was responsiable, but I wasn't expecting this since I am bulking. Hopefully I'll see some results soon since I only planned on going 10 days.

  17. this thread concerns me as i planned to use UL's M1T for my next cycle. anybody else used their stuff and the results...?

  18. I have used underground for 2 different M1T / 4AD (400mgs ED trans) cycles each three weeks long at 20mg ED for the M1T. Both cycles resulted in about 7-8 lbs gain with 5 lbs kept after PCT. I have since been stockpiling M1T powder from Custom. Is 5 grams for post ban enough ya think? Its dirt cheap.
  19. fulforb
    fulforb's Avatar

    I used both Higher Power and Underground Labs at up to 30mgs a day. Can't say I could tell if either was better than the other. Strength was the biggest thing I got from M1T, was able to keep some of the weight after PCT.

  20. I've used UG and had pretty good success. Usually 20mg ED was just fine. I'm at about 200 lbs myself.

  21. i've used gaspari and omega with great results at 10mg ed. i was around 250lbs then.

  22. Legal Gear @30 mg....for 2 on 2 off 2 on 2 off 2 on.......
    fat seemed to melt off my body
    cuts came out all over
    LBM was signifficant , enough for people to say i was on juice

    got sick , 2 cycle into it
    Sleepy all the time, bad enough to fall asleep at red lights while driving
    no weight gain
    no strength
    Flu like symptoms
    stuffy nose
    and about 2 weeks after i was done with it , it really hit me ....... a fever of 103 day 1, 104 day 2 , 104.6 day 3 .....then decided to c a doc got antibiotics, took 3 days to lower my fever and after 2 more days went back to work
    My misteak was food was poor, sleep time was poor 3 to 5 hours daily
    thats my side of M1T..........but im going to try another cycle soon this time with good nutrition, sleep, and rest ......nova and clomid for pct and then ill c the diff

  23. i've also used gaspari for two cycle btw started at 265 now 278..strong as hell,
    stocked up on ug's "because of price".. first cycle (gaspari) 20mgs sides "hated them".
    second cycle (also gaspari) cut back to 10mgs "no sides all gains"..cycles 3wks on/6wks off. hoping ug's works just as good. this time i'll run 4derm.... also,maintain size/strength with pct...that right two cycles 13lbs after pct (4wks ptc after cycle nolv/creatine/clom)


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