Not sure where to post this??

  1. Not sure where to post this??

    Hello, new to the group. I am taking test c for hormone replacement therapy. I did my first injection on Sat am thinking that i would have power, less fatigued, and waking up with wood that needs a chain saw. So today i am into my 5th day and cant wait for sat to get here. To hopefully build me up better so i start filling better. My question is this, my test score was 21 at 745 am blood test. went back in the next week, same time and it was a bit higher near 75. Endo did scan for tumor on gland all clear. she has me on .5cc of test c once a week. Does this seem low to you all? My nurse said that since i have been so low for so long that they are taking baby steps and dont want to shock my body by giving me a high dose each week. Thoughts? Thanks for any info. Jeff

  2. Put this in the male anti-aging subforum and youll get better feedback my man.

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