hdrol/stano or mecha

  1. hdrol/stano or mecha

    Decisions, decisions.....this will be my second cycle. First was andromass/drive. Had good strength gains, but very little weight/mass gains. Went with those products cause it was my first time and I wanted to keep sides/toxicity low.

    Now i'm ready to run some real ds. trying to decide between mechabol (75, 75, 75, 100, 100) or hdrol/stano (50, 75, 75, 75, 75, 75 stano at 800 throughout).

    I hear about lethargy with hd allot, that's why I threw in the strano. mecha really intrigues me (ESP for lack of lethargy, so noneed to run stano also), but its so new w are not that many logs, and I've seen several negative reports...while hd is tried and true.

    This will be my only cycle for the next year our so, so I want to make sure its a good one.

    Of course, pct is all lined up (torem, daa, erase pro) and i'm set with supports (multi, cycle assist, fish oil).

    Diet will be clean, 3000 cals. I'm 39 5"9", 182lbs, lifting since my 20s, got back into out for real 2 years ago.

    Any input would be great. Thanks fellas

  2. hdrol would be a good choice, id say a 5 weeker 50/75/75/75/75

  3. Mechabol at 75-100mg daily would be great. Hdrol gives me crazy BP and lethargy issues, need to take tons of ancillaries.
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  4. If you're really wanting to try something with a bigger difference I'd go with the mecha. Mechabol is an active steroid, while hdrol is a prohormone so the results with mecha should be greater. As for tried and true, I've read at least 3 mechabol logs with great results. There was one I read where there were some nausea issues, but gains were still good.
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