I'm looking at running a 6-8 week cycle of 5-Alpha, most likely at the recommended dose unless I decide it needs to change. I've been doing a little reading but info on this new product seems a little scarce so far. Unless I'm just missing the thread I need. I'm going to be running this alone to see how this bad boy works. My main question is what people would suggest to run throughout cycle/pct. Strictly to maintain a healthy body, as I said I want to gauge this products effectiveness alone. I have some left over Nolva and Clomid from previous cycles but I'm wondering if this is necessary based on some things I've read saying possibly not. If so, how would you recommend dosing? Any help would be appreciated.

Looking at most likely using Cycle Assist pre/during cycle and Reduce XT plus nolva or clomid pct. Aaaaand I just ordered Erase Pro (starting 2 weeks into pct).