If I'm back online can I start a new cycle?

  1. If I'm back online can I start a new cycle?

    I've been restored to natural test for about a month ( which is the time I was on) . Can I start my new cycle?

  2. Sure you can do whatever you want but it's not advisable you should wait time on+pct=time off
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  3. If all your bloodwork looks gd than yes.

  4. if liver and kidney's check out good as well then yes

  5. did u get blood work or are you going by feel?

  6. I am going by feel. My testicles are bigger than average and my libido is shot up again so I am figuring that I'm back online

  7. Without bloods, it is not advisable.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. How much more dangerous with out bloodwork

  9. alot of ppl feel like this fairly quickly after ending a cycle that doesnt always mean ur ready to start again. give a more detailed description of ur situation

  10. think of it like this dude. just cuz yiur balls are back doesnt mean your liver/lipids/prostate is all dandy. it doesnt even mean your endocrine system is back to 100%. going by feel is playing with fire

  11. cruise on some Osta between cycles if you're that worried about it

  12. I got off of my first a month ago. It was win 50 by double dragon. I used a low dose for 4 weeks and then did my pct for 4 weeks


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