Metha-drol Extreme to Test E?

  1. Metha-drol Extreme to Test E?

    First things first, I know this is my first post, but I've been a site lurker for a good while. Not trying to get flamed, or do any trolling.

    Anyways, I'm currently running a cycle of Metha-drol Extreme by IML. Yesterday was the first day in week 3 of the cycle, and I'm up about 8 lbs (and down 2 waist sizes, not too shabby IMO). I've never bridged a cycle before, but I'm curious about running a continuation of my four week Metha-drol cycle with some Test E (before I didn't have a source, and I have one now).

    My question is for those who have experience "pre-loading" with orals. Like I said, I'm on week 3 of the Metha-drol, and I've been taking cycle support, extra milk-thistle, B-12, a generic multi, whey protein, fish oils, and 1.5 gal of water a day with it. I am thinking about doing my first Test E injection next week (the last week of my Mdrol cycle). So it would look like this:

    Weeks 1 - 3:
    (supps mentioned above)

    Week 4:
    Test E (500mg/week)

    Weeks 5 - 8:
    Test E (500mg/week

    Nolva 20/20/10/10

    Any input is appreciated!

  2. What mgs of mdrol ?

    Why don't you run mdrol low dosage then stock on test e for a longer eg. 8 week cycle with sd for kickstart ?

  3. Right now I'm running the standard Metha-drol dosage (2 pills a day, which is 20 mg SD, 30mg M-LMG, 30mg DMZ). Are you saying you would cut the dosage of Mdrol down to 1 cap a day, and run an 8 week cycle of test?

  4. No, after week 3 run 1 cap for another 3-4 weeks then save the test for another cycle with mdrol being a kicker.

    I'd get a better pct though if you are interested in cycling soon again (if you don't follow time on time off)

  5. Do it. My second time around I used dianbols for 2 weeks and realized it wasnt gonna feel that way much longer. Pinned test for 10 more weeks and felt great.

    If might not be the best thing for your health but if you're makin training progress I wouldn't wanna stop that early.

    Maybe if you stay on the liver support for as long as possible you'll be gtg.

  6. Yeah, I think I'm going to do it. I don't want to lose the way I'm feeling. I have Nolva on hand and plenty of cycle support, so if any issues arise I'll stop my cycle and start PCT. I've experienced relatively no side effects with the Metha-drol yet, just loving that my lifts have went up 30+ lbs.

  7. Not going to work out man...unless you run it longer or have test prop.
    Test takes a few weeks to really build up to high blood levels and "kick in."
    With your layout, I think you'd lose your gains from methadrol before gaining them back slowly on test.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Not going to work out man...unless you run it longer or have test prop.
    Test takes a few weeks to really build up to high blood levels and "kick in."
    With your layout, I think you'd lose your gains from methadrol before gaining them back slowly on test.

  9. If he has access to gear I bet he can get some orals as well as an injectable.

    Maybe buy enough dbols or anavar or whatever your dealers has got for a few weeks till the test kicks in.

    If I felt fine id continue with a quality oral steroid for 8 weeks. The drug companies won't tell you that long because not everyone can handle the same amount of drugs for the same amount of time. Just closely monitor your health as normal.

    To make it short I think you have no other options but to try it yourself. It could very well workout to be an awesome cycle and learning experience. At the worst you feel a little low or jump into pct.

    Sure, it isn't the healthiest thing to do, but neither is taking drugs.

  10. The only downfall in drawing out an oral cycle is he has already taxed his liver pretty hard with the superdrol. Best bet would be to decide on a less harsh oral that kicks in fast or to find a non methyl that kicks in fast.
    If it were me I would run some tbol or trenazone.

  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Like I said, I haven't pinned before, but I've read that cyp kicks in slowly and enanthate kicks in quicker. Didn't know it would take a couple of weeks though. I could probably get some prop before then as well... I'm just making great gains and would love it to be possible to continue. I have 4 more bottles of Metha-drol, but I don't know about continuing the run. I feel like my body could definitely handle it, but I'm not sure I want to risk it. My blood pressure is normal, I've felt no sides, just the tiniest bit of acne (and it's not even noticeable). I think my body is just really resistant to drugs.

    At any rate, I appreciate the advice from all of you. Should I extend the Metha-drol cycle for a week or so, or pin some test prop though? I don't really want to buy anymore PH's, I'd like to stick to straight gear after I run through my Metha-drol (however long that will take, because I really like the pumps I get with it). But since the SD ban, none of the other grey area products have really caught my eye.

  12. Well guys, it's the last week of Metha-drol. I'm up 11 lbs (slightly disappointed, but still have a week- and I can see a visual improvement). I just pinned for the first time. Shot in quad with a 22g1", and all went well. Leg feels tingly though haha

  13. Well, today my knee is so sore that I've had to reschedule leg day, and the funny thing is, it's not even the injection spot that is sore. It's actually my knee. It's so sore that I can't do a squat with no weight, so hopefully that heals up soon. I've read that the soreness is normal. Hopefully it isn't this bad in other injection spots. Maybe I should have shot the glute or chest.


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