Erase on cycle to help gyno prevention?

  1. Erase on cycle to help gyno prevention?

    Is erase a good idea to take on cycle during a halo run at 3 pills a day for the hole cycle to help prevent gyno last time i ran halo i developed a little gyno that nolva cleared up after but not for a while would it be good to run erase during cycle to prevent this from happening again oppinions?

  2. no save it for pct. hdrol doesn't convert into estrogen, was that ur first experience with hdrol,, what did u dose it at.

  3. Yes and only 50/50/5075

  4. 3 weeks 50 4th at 75

  5. And if u were wondering yes it was definitely gyno a lot of tendernous and very puffy

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sizeplusgains View Post
    And if u were wondering yes it was definitely gyno a lot of tendernous and very puffy
    ph's will do that sometimes, makes them sensitive. its kinda normal when your on. did you go to a Dr. to confirm "your self-diagnosis of gyno".

  7. Odd that a compound that does not aromatize gave you gyno. It obviously wasn't a bloat that simply went away after ceasing use. Definitely not. I highly doubt that the dosage you ran increased your estrogen to an amount that would facilitate gyno development. Regardless of whether a compound aromatizes or not, estrogen can still increase to unsafe levels. But hdrol at those dosages... i HIGHLY doubt it.

    Anyways OP, it's a good idea to have things like: letro, arimidex, aromasin etc on hand during any cycle just in case. Nolva is ok on cycle, but i'd really only use it during an injectible cycle not a weak oral steroid cycle.

  8. No i did not go to a doctor but i can most definitely tell u it was gyno and very sensitive lumps im just wondering if it would be a good idea to run another cyle but this time with erase on cycle

  9. you can also try 6bromo on cycle. your estro levels could have been on the high side pre-cycle , some guy had his estro numbers above normal, and low test before cycle, and he experienced this on cycle. post cycle he got blood work and he had higher test and higher estro. as you know we are all wired and respond differently , very few guys go and get their blood work before and after ph cycle.. from I remember he recovered from it.

  10. So ur thinkig something like 6 bromo on cycle?

  11. yes or arimidex.


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