Non of us want this new bill to pass.
Every anabolic compound we know and love will be outlawed and the DEA will be up everyone ass.
THere are enough people like us on the internet to make a huge impact if we work together.

1. Go here Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2012 (S. 3431) -

2. Click "take a position"

3. follow through the steps and fill in your info.

This info helps us combat the proposed bill.

When we get to 200 people Black Lion research will give 2 bottles of Formeron away.
You MUST follow the link and fill out the info to be qualified to win.

Maybe some other companies will get on board here and help us get some steam going.

After you have filled out the info chime in here so we can add you to the lotto list to win.

Black Lion Research.