Started trenazone cyle yesterday. Decided to post a log of results. Going for 6 weeks.

First my stats

Age: 25
Weight: 202lbs
Height: 6.0'
BF: 11%

Current lifting stats

Bench press: 315x5
Squats: 405x4 I think those only two should be sufficient for logging!!

AT NIGHT Trenazone
Day 1 was 1.5ml
Day 2 is 2ml trenazone on top of feet and around ankle (put on socks after it dry so my girl wont wake up with a full beard)

Also taking;
Pure test (to help with libido decrease)
ZMA (also for recover and libido)
L- Carnitine
L- Arginine
Amino X
Green Tea extract

I workout 7 days a week rotating my body groups every 4 days or so....

if there are any suggestions (besides pretty big 1ml didnt do **** for me) please let me know!!!