whats up guys This is my first cycle IM running test prop 100mg eod for 12 weeks along with 50mg of anavar for about 10. i did all my research on this cycle so here are my stats

5'9 weight about 185 under 8% BF

im currrently prepping for a contest and i know should of prepped my PCT before i started but i didnt i figured i have twelve weeks ive been on my test for a full week now and my VAR for 3 days so far so good losing BF an stayed with the same amount of muscle mass just in a week

so what i was wondering which should i use for an AI during the cycle just in case arimidex or arimosin? i was thinking about HCG but i doubt my balls are going to shrink during my first cycle ill get it just in case

and now for my PCT what should I USE? nolvadex with clomid? hit me with your thought everything will help thanks a bunch happy sunday to everyone!!! =)