I am planning to start my second cycle after 1.5 years ..
Stats are . I am 28 year Old..
Weight 79 Kg/ 174 Pounds . Body Fat 11%
Height 5 11
Target is Body fat 8-9% and few pounds of Lean Muscle gain..

I am lifting from past 7-8 years.. Serious from Last 4 years ..

First Cycle was test / deca cycle for 10 weeks . That time I was with limited knowledge and I regret that. Gained Lot of Muscles that time but Lost half of them in few months after cycle.. But I have made decent progress without cycle in last 6 months..

Now my Plan is

test Ethanthate 500 Mg per week ( 250 mg twice a week ) For 12 Weeks
deca 400 Mg per week ( 200 mg twice a week ) for 10 weeks

PCT 2 weeks after last test Shot Nolvadex and clomid

Now my Concerns are :-

1. I have Hair fall Problem , though last cycle I actually had no hair fall in cycle and it went smooth.. But as precautionary measure should I include Finastride?

2. I experienced severe Acne on back last time.. Can I do something to prevent it this time?

3. I experienced heavy Bloat on my face.. What could be done to prevent it..
Last time I tried with Arimidex 1 mg ever 3-4 days.. I only get minimum of 1 mg in Arimidex here.. What should be my dosage of Arimidex? I dont wanna over do it because my leg Joints are weak and thats the reason I included deca .
Should I go with Arimidex or letrozole?

Should I include Cabergoline or Bromocriptine at what Dosages?

Should Proviron be include in it?

And last should I include HCG in this cycle ?

I want to safe guard against any Shut down problems arising later on ? Any spl care for Deca Dick? Though I didnt face any shut down in last cycle with lower deca dosage?

I workout 4 days a week 1.5 hours.. Should I increase my workout?

I know question is Big but I will be obliged