Is it illegal to buy bac water?

  1. Is it illegal to buy bac water?

    Hi guys:

    I was looking for bac water, and tried to buy from some from a site on the net... now when i placed the order, there was an error message wich said that my credit card couldnt be charged at the moment, then i checked my account and my credit card was charged for a pending transaction... i contacted customer service and they told me there was an error from theyre part, and that the transfer didnt go through... so i contacted the US bank to ask em how to cancel that pending request, and they say they will investigate.... now my concern: is purchasing HCG or bac water legal?... i am from columbia but i travel to US and i have a bank account over there... but im not sure about the laws, and if they check that i bought from a probably not legit source i could be in trouble?, i know this can be a stupid quesion... but im kind of paranoid, and since i am not a US citizen and i travel sometimes to US im concerned! i dont want any legal issues.

  2. ^^ that dosent sound promising. And I would hope you'll be out a left nut!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    i wouldn't worry about it. its just water. only thing i'd worry about is some hacker or something. i had that happen to me while trying to buy tracfone minutes from their site. transaction wouldn't go through. then 3 weeks later a 138$ charge showed up on my credit card for some stuff i didn't buy from a website i have never been on.
    btw, if u are ordering bac h2o from a rc comp, i'd almost bet my left nut that they are selling u plain old distilled water.
    Thank you very much for the response my friend, it ease my mind haha, im sometimes very paranoid. i will look for benzyl alcohol if i can, this is frustrating LMAO

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