Bee Sting Allergy

  1. Bee Sting Allergy

    Is there any gear I should avoid if im extremely allergic to bee stings. I've read that prop is like bee venom, but I need a faster ester than test e.

  2. I think it's more related to the oil being used, and I don't think there's any oil you would be allergic to (most commonly used ones that I see are sesame and grape seed oils)

    I'll let someone else chime in here don't want you dying on me or some **** lol

  3. That'd be great. I've heard something about propionic acid or something could mess with me. If not I will inject a drop to test my reaction. I've got a couple months until I cycle.

  4. When the propionate ester is cleaved in your body it becomes propionic acid. It won't mess you up like a bee sting allergy. It's not the formic acid in the sting that causes the anaphylaxis but it does cause some swelling and pain around the sting site, just like the propionic acid can cause swelling and irritation around the injection site.

    If you are very prone to allergies you will be more likely to get a reaction to test prop, but your immune system gets used to it pretty quick. Loratadine should help.

  5. Awesome thank you I appreciate it!

  6. Bump. I am about to pin Masteron. Should I inject a tiny bit to see how i react?


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