Can you diet to get lean while on test enabthate

  1. Can you diet to get lean while on test enabthate

    Hi. I will be running my first test - e cycle in a few weeks. Hard bulking for 6 weeks the. Cutting for summer. Wondering if while using test and atomized on cycle. Can I get leaner for summer and on PCT will I gain fat as my testosterone will be messed. Using proviron and novadex for pct. possibly some clen but not sure when to throw it in!!!! Any advice appreciate.


    21 y o

    12% BF

  2. Yes
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  3. Lies and slander. You can only bulk on steroids thats why every bodybuilder runs steroids during off season and then stop when the season starts to cut................ HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  4. I don't think it at all wise to run steroids at your age. Just my opinion.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    I was gonna post that...DAMN YOU

    but yeah, I used test almost solely to cut or recomp back in the day. the last time I used it i had gotten pretty tubby after being told to keep sedentary by the doctors while they figured out what to do with me....when I got back to working and working out later, I just ran a test cycle and cut cut cut....lost so much fat its not even funny. My buddies were like damn that test really worked well for you to lose all that fat...before adding it in it was super difficult to lose the fat, despite being able to put on muscle relatively easy (muscle memory I suppose).

  6. Warbird, what dose? Did you use anything else, like a kick start on an ai?

  7. Don't do the test cycle is my best advice... Try stacking 8 weeks of Intimidate/Testabolan/Erase first, then decide if you "need" to run a test cycle. You're young, and primed to naturally reach just about any goal you can think of...

    Any cycle you do will directly reflect your diet...


    300mg/wk for 20 weeks = 11.4lb muscle increase / 1.1lb fat loss
    600mg/wk for 20 weeks = 17.4lb muscle increase / 2.4lb fat loss

    More test = more muscle gain and more fat loss. You can most definitely recomp / cut on test.

  9. proviron in pct?? enabthate???= not ready for juice

  10. Proviron in pct? And I'm sure the enabthate was a typo.

  11. And steroids aren't magical it all depends on ur diet.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by adnscmplx
    Warbird, what dose? Did you use anything else, like a kick start on an ai?
    Oh man so long ago lol....i know i usually do 400-500mg so i can only guess i was probably in that vicinity. I was coming off a layoff and was using it to cut almost i bet i low dosed it between that area. Memory is fuzzy with exact dosages sometimes. Even this damn androgel is helping with fat loss for me. And that is really low dose. I find lower/ more reasonable test dosages work best for me and my usual goals....fat loss and condition first....muscle mass second. Not that i never look to gain...i do sometimes of course


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