Deca and joint relief

  1. Deca and joint relief

    Hi. I have read a lot about deca and it`s properties for masking and for helping with joint pain (in my case the knees)

    When I train legs, my knees hurt a lot a few days after. But if I am gentle and carefully during warming upp, the training goes affordable, and almost pain free the best days if Im fully warmed upp.

    But the next days my knees hurt BAD. My question is: If you take deca for joint relief, does it help while and during training only, or can it help all the time outside the gym as well, and avoid soreness the next days ?

    Any experience ?

    Appreciate anwers, thanks !

  2. If im not mistaken, Deca helps the joints because it draws fluid into them making them feel better while your on, but also increases callogen synthesis by almost 300% helping rebuild cartilage and ligaments in the long run. EQ increases callogen synthesis even more at 320%

  3. Thank you for answer! Yes, thats true about callogen synthesis. But I doubt it can repair damaged cartilage, it is almost impossible.
    If you run high amount of test,(ca 500mg a week) couldn`t it be bad for the collagen synthesis ? I think I have heard it som place. If I will run a cycle with deca for the knees, couldn`t I run an high dose of deca as well, who would give a significant anabolic effect ?

    If I run about 400mg a week with deca, couldn`t I run as low as 200mg testosterone a week ? Or wouldn`t 500mg eks enanthate hurt along with deca ?

    Sorry for my bad english

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