Lean bulk

  1. Lean bulk

    I'm looking to cut down a bit,but don't really want to loose a lot of muscle so I was thinking I could do a lean bulk,so that way I put on more muscle but a bit more definition.

    I have in mind stacking some epi,pmag and clen

    Has anyone tried stacking this together?
    How did you do it?
    What were your results?
    Any advice on stacking these together?

  2. You could try the search feature, i'm sure EPI + Pmag has been done before. That's a reasonable combo that would allow you to cut some fat while gaining muscle. Your diet needs to be in order though. If you eat too far above maintenance those compounds aren't strong enough to still eat fat for energy. Test + Tren sure lol. Adding clen, i wouldn't go too high. BP is something to consider when running clen with multiple compounds. If this is your first steroid cycle, i would not recommend stacking those products much less stacking + clen.

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