prolactin issues

  1. prolactin issues

    Anyone dealing with prolactin while on or post cycle. If so how are you treatin it and what are your results so far? I'm on cyp and I take aromasin as needed

  2. Are we taking about prolactin or estrogen?

  3. Prolactin my estrogen is good

  4. I've had prolactin issues so far, and i started using ATD in combination with SNS Inhibit-p and i've noticed a difference. I have multiple chems on hand if needed, but Inhibit-P is a damn solid formula.

  5. What kind of prolactin issues are you having? Low libido? Lactating?

  6. EndoSurge would help with those prolactin sides bro. I know a few guys who are using it as their prolactin supplement running Trenavar and are having zero issues.

  7. i used prami and it worked great for me for my last cycle with trenazone when my nipples puffed the f up. after a week they were back down to normal size. it makes you super nauseous your first time using it and super drowsy so i took it at night. always have the chems or support supps before your cycle incase this happens. I've heard L-dopa and p5p help but i'm not convinced it works.

  8. Grab some and try it out bro. Have Prami on hand as a back up. There are a bunch of people using the Endo and p5p combo.


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