Need help/advice on 2nd cycle

  1. Need help/advice on 2nd cycle

    <<<<Mechabol or Havoc>>>>

    I'm 37yrs, 6'1, 215lbs. This is gonna be my 2nd cycle of ph. I wanna put on 10-15lbs of muscle and cut at the same time. Which one would be better for me and for my goal? Thx

    >>I'm gonna be doing a good on cycle and pct support also. Calories: 3000-4000<<

  2. I would go with Mechabol, have heard great things about mecha for lean mass and hardening up.
    "Lifting and Game of Thrones share the same calendar, there's only two seasons: cutting and bulking. And guess what? Winter's comin' so it's time to bulk up!"
    -Dom Mazzetti

  3. Ok, thx bro

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