Epi cycle begins, final critique needed?

  1. Epi cycle begins, final critique needed?

    ok so ive been putting my first legit ph cycle together now since june or before really. I really liked what i was seeing from epistane so i ordered one bottle l.g.i epi-10 (90 10mg pills) and plan on going at 30mgs all the way except the first two days ill go 10mg then 20mg and start at 30mg from day 3 till the bottle ends 4.3 weeks

    hawthorn berry fish oil and milk thistle

    epistane 10 mg day 1,20 mg day 2 and 30/30/30/30
    orange triad
    fish oil
    AI life support 4 caps a day

    SERM torem 90/60/30/30???? does this look ok?
    Test DAA 3gs a day 6 weeks or more
    AI erase 0/0/3/2/1
    cort control...havent picked one yet since ill be ordering more whey in a couple of weeks ill get it then, open to opinions i was thinking lean xtreme
    pre workout maybe a week in maybe on first day

    kept the supports relatively simple since its a small run at a lower dose what do u guys think?

  2. Bump before I log off for the night

  3. I just ran Epi as my second cycle. I ran 2 full bottles over 6 weeks. Didn't feel much until weeks 3 and 4. While everyone responds differently, I'd recommend having enough for 6 weeks in case you want to extend your run and/or increase your dosage.

  4. I just ran a stack with havoc/epi. I noticed the best results with no sides at 40mg's. i'd extend your cycle a week and have weeks 4 and 5 be at 40mg's. epi doesn't kick in normally for about a week or 2 so half your cycle will be waiting, if it stays as it is now.
    keep in mind its a dry cycle so especially if you have preexisting injuries to joints it may hurt so maybe start taking orange traid with the preload but as long as you don't go to 50mg's the support supps should work fine. 50mg's was when i had the worst joint paint and back pumps.

    but if you are still 5'11 and 165lbs maybe consider holding off on ph's until you gain 20lbs or so.

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