Best Second Cycle Compounds?

  1. Best Second Cycle Compounds?

    Hey guys, so I finished a 6 week cycle of Helladrol + Stanodrol and finished my 4 week PCT and it's been an additional 5 weeks since PCT. Had very little sides just a bad headache my first day and maybe like 2 little acne spots on my shoulders. I want to start my second cycle in about a week or so. It took me about 2 months reading and studying about PH's to plan my first cycle, but now that I know the basics I don't expect it to take as long. I ended up gaining 10 lbs, kept about 7 and my compound lifts all went up, and I kept a majority of my gains.

    I'm at about 10.5% BF and 6'1 200 lbs. I'm really lean right now and want to keep that look, but would like to add a little muscle mass especially in areas like my chest, back, and legs.

    So basically if anyone could give me a suggestion for a compound or two to look into for my second cycle that will help me with more lean muscle gains I'd appreciate it.


  2. Running epi right now for my 2nd cycle. Love it

  3. iveran epi for my second and third cycles great stuff

  4. *will be running epi again

  5. Have either of you guys ever tried Mecha? I feel like I should either try Mecha or Epi for my next one lol so hard to decide.

  6. Ya I vote epi or Mecha..I chose trenavar and it was a mistake, not a big fan of the product. On week 5 now and seems extremely mild at 90mg


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