decavol rde and joints

  1. decavol rde and joints

    What would be a good dose of decavol rde to provide joint pain relief? Has anyone noticed this as a benefit of decavol rde?

  2. wouldn't know but I will be trying it out shortly.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hyperCat View Post
    What would be a good dose of decavol rde to provide joint pain relief? Has anyone noticed this as a benefit of decavol rde?

  4. SO OK...I ordered two bottles of Decavol and it is on its way along with a free Arom-x thrown in as a special offer. I've decided to try one bottle out and let my other brother take the second bottle. We are definitely of different types when it comes to our work out regimen and body types. No matter how you put it we both pretty much put the same amount of strain on our joints and are very aware of our bodies. Not to brag or anything but we are just that aware to the point where when we take a supplement we'll notice an increment of a result right away as soon as we feel its affects kick in. Lets hope Decavol does the precursor thing and actually share the same benefits nandrolone causes. =)

  5. Honestly decavol rde did nothing for me and its underdosed dhea so I wouldn't recommend it.

  6. funny thing about the lists benefits and what do you know?.... "LUBRICATES JOINTS" is one of its benefits. Well I'm not sure if it will work for me or not. I got mine today straight out of the box.We'll see if it isn't all that great of a product.=D!

  7. It's not a good product. You need like 6-8 pills to get an effective dose and needs to be fun for 6-8 weeks.. Only reason it lubricates your joints is because it coverts to estrogen.

  8. or do you mean it converts to norestrogen?

  9. so far from what I've been experiencing are good things from it...I have to admit I was a bit questionable after the first 6 days of taking it until it finally hit me around the 7th day. I pretty much flew through my usual set of routines,sweated a lot more than usual,and did a lot more after that. As for joints...I feel a slight improvement and have noticed that after my long distance running along with my squatting on my leg knees don't feel the pain they usually do. =)!!!

  10. Hey Orion, I am about to start a stack that includes Decavol. I was just wondering how everything turned out for you?

  11. I have to admit.I felt the hormonal side affects messing with me both physically and psychologically.I was aggressive but was able to have it under control.Over all I definitely felt the recovery especially after my leg day. My legs were not as sore as they usually get after leg day.It gave me a little mass as well. Joints were showing good results and actually felt the lubrication in my joints. I'm sensitive to most supplements and my body seems to respond to them very well. I can tell you its not bunk but then again depending on your body... it may be a different experience for you.I ran it as a stand alone. Just give it a shot and see what happens. Don't let the fools out there discourage you either. They'll tell you its just another "DHEA" product. Either they didn't experience jack or I'm just blessed to be that responsive to DHEA to the point where I just gain strength and!

  12. LOL. I appreciate it. I have a few bottles on the way. I'm really looking to get the collagen syn out of the Decavol. Last cycle I went too heavy, too fast and had a few injuries (I know, rookie mistake lol) But I have done my hw and taken the experience from that cycle and hopefully this one will run smoother. I thought about DecaSarm, but my gut is telling me to go with Decavol. Glad everything worked out for you..stay big!


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