Deca dose

  1. Deca dose

    Does 200mg/wk of deca give u anything but joint release? Mean should u up the dose to 300-400mg to gain some muscle? Any input appreciated...

  2. any opinions?

  3. You are correct as far as Deca at 200mg/wk being just enough to lubricate, but to build muscle i would bump to at least 400mg/wk. i had great success at this dosage stacked with 500mg/wk of Sustanon. Deca is pretty mild by itself and should be run for at least 8 wks to get best results.

  4. Thanks man! Did u have any problems with prolactin? How long was your cycle?

  5. i'm pretty sure i ran the deca for about six wks that time. i didn't get prolactin but did get a bump under one of my nipples from the sust, most likely. this cycle was cut short. i recommend 8 wks tho since deca is milder in nature and builds better in longer duration (as i've read as well). but man, i got some nasty stretch marks at that time from the rapid water gain from those 2 compounds.

  6. Ok, good to know man! U didnt have any AI to prevent the water gain?

  7. nope, i welcomed the water gain at that time. i was younger and wanted to get swollen.


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