Liver support>>> WHEN? tbol, test, eq

  1. Liver support>>> WHEN? tbol, test, eq

    I am running t-bol, test, eq like this:
    1-4 tbol 50 mg, test 500, eq 450
    5-14 test 500, eq 450.
    15- 500 test
    16-20 Nolva 40,40, 20, 20

    I understand that taking liver support while on the orals affect results. However, would you take the liver support follow the 4 weeks of t-bol? would it affect the test & eq results?
    Thanks in advance for you help.

  2. You are wrong in so Many ways, wich test Ester are you using ? Are you gonna run the pct prior total test clearance? Why? No liver support would interfere with injectables, it can sometimes interfere with orals but not to the degree of hurting your gains significantly.

  3. oops, that should of been week 17-21. LONG day! I forgot I was running the test a week after last pin of eq. anyhow, two weeks after last shot of Test E. getting mixed messages about the liver support, then. some say yay, some say nay!

  4. Lol i say grab liver juice And use it for the last 2 weeks of the oral then 2 weeks after the oral and take your tbol with a fatty meal and avoid fiber when taking your pills as Well as it could interfere with absortion. About test and equi with milk thistle i say theres no interaction 100 percent sure

  5. Anyone that tells you that support products will hinder AAS is an idiot. You shouldn't listen to those people lol.

    For orals, and depending on what's being run, UDCA/TUDCA and/or CEL Cycle Assist.
    For pinning, Cycle Assist again. Comprehensive support for the major organs.



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