noob question bout SD dosage

  1. noob question bout SD dosage

    hello fellow lifters. i am preparing for my first cycle ever and so far I have started taking milk thistle and hawthorne berry and have nolva, daa, and saw palmetto ready to go for my pct!

    my superdrol is 15mg capsules and it says to take 2 a day. i plan on running it for 4 weeks, isn't 2 a day going to be too much? how should i dose this to maximize gains. any input would be much appreciated

  2. 15/15/30/30 or 15/30/30/30
    Either one im sure u will see gains if ur eating enough and taking things serious. Listen 2 ur body it knows best. First time taking sd?

  3. reread u said it was ur first cycle. so ya start out lower dosages where gains still come and sides will be far less prevelant. Seems no brainer. Maybe run 15/15/15/15 and stack with epi or something and then u can do the other half of bottle further down the road and stack with something else of ur choice. Ideally non methyl

  4. i was thinking 15 all the way through as well since this is my first cycle, what threw me off was when i read that SD's half life is 6-8 hours. but i guess i dont have an option unless i want to deal with the sides of 30 a day. thanks for the advice will look into epi

  5. for sure man i think thats the smartest route you can even add a week and make it 5 weeks. Im about do a bridge with sd 0/15/15/15/15
    halodrol 25/50/75/75/75

    Im picking up the phantom labs phreak here soon which runs me the same issues with each cap being 15mg of sd and 25mg of hd. So im picking up bottle of halo 25 from lgi for like 25 bucks and i can bump of the halo like it calls for and still keep the sd low and even get 2 full cycles out of it and down the road i can adjust accordingly after seeing how things work out from this first one.



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