Helladrol / Katanadrol and water retention

  1. Helladrol / Katanadrol and water retention

    in the middle of Helladrol / Katanadrol / transderm to cut down&recomp... Diet has been tight and i have been eating at a deficit using intermittent fasting but i have added some body weight...

    I just hit week three and my strength just went through the roof...

    I am basically wondering if these are strictly dry compounds and this is good weight or if this is just water.

  2. How much weight? You could have 1-5lbs weight from increased glycogen retention which will be caused by any strong hormonal product. I kept all my gains off my helladrol cycle, but I dropped a few pounds at the beginning of PCT and gained them back at the end. I am about 10 pounds lighter now, but that's because I'm at the end of an Oxy Elite Pro cut.
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  3. I was weighing myself after 2 days of depletion for about a month. I am up about 5 pounds this week without the depletion... mirror looks better, just was wondering how much water to expect.

  4. Are you just running the standard for each? hella 75/75/75/75/100/100/ and katan 350/350/400/400/450/450? Also, are you using any other supps with? I have ran hella before and not had much, if any water retention.

  5. neither of the two compounds have a rep for water retention. If ur getting it, its due to diet.

  6. I'm guessing it is water retention and increased glycogen storage. Any steroid will cause increases in water volume and glycogen within the muscle. A similar thing happened to me - I just finished a 16 week cycle. I started off doing test e 500/wk, and DMZ+M-lmg (Phorce). I put on 20 pounds in about 3 weeks time, much of it water and fat. I went from 190 - 210lb, and although I looked beefier, it wasn't the aesthetic I'm looking for. I prefer lean and tight over big and bulky. So I went off orals for three weeks, dropped my calories significantly, and started losing weight. I decided to end my test cycle with an epi bridge, and did the last 5 weeks on test using epi at 40mg/day. As soon as I started the epi, my weight loss stopped (on the same calorie intake), and I actually gained back 5 more pounds. I ended my cycle at 210lbs. I am now in week three of PCT, and I weigh 200lbs. My bf % has stayed exactly the same - so I basically shed 10lbs of water, even though I was using a dry compound. Granted, I was on Test E still, but I think you get the idea. A lot of the rapid weight gain on cycle is water and glycogen. Tissue takes a long time to develop, and if you've ever held a pound of raw chuck in your hands, you know thats a lot of tissue. If you gain any amount of weight on cycle, expect to keep about half of it, cuz the other half is H20 and sugar!


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