My first cycle log and progress any recomendations,?

  1. My first cycle log and progress any recomendations,?

    Hi broz , i have started my first ever cycle 7 weeks ago
    7 weeks ago my current stats where 69,5 kg with not a high % bodyfat , i am around 1,78 cm i will atach before and after pictures below ,
    i like to train heavy weighta and would love to get big !! Like biggg ... I hope i can achieve that
    I got 25 mgz of dbol tabs and sust 250 for my first cycle and arimidex using 0,5 or 1 mg eod
    I did cut the tabs half and took 4 daily equaling to 50 mg a day ... For 6 weeks ... , sus i shoot 500 mg a week , every thursday right into my glutes ... I like to shopt it on my right cheek cuz i am afraid of shooting on the other one since i have a medium Moe in the middle of the left cheek ...
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  2. My strenght started go up in week 2 (i felt the effects of dbol on the second week and it is a pretty good kickstart)
    Around week 5 ish i start sweating like a mad man at nights ... Wich is probably cause of sustanon started to kick ... My streng has gone really up and started to gain some good size and keep growing ... Recovering faster , i just forgot what was to be sore ... I love juice just makes everything better

    I would like to write down my current diet and supplement list

    Supplement list
    -multi vits(3 times daily )
    - 4 or 5 omega 3z
    -3 pilla milk thistle
    -l-arginine arouns 5 gram no workout days and 10 gram on workout days
    -bcaa only on workout days around 20 gram
    Coq 10
    And some glutamin when i feel like it ...

    Non workout days
    Meal 1: Norning 8 boiled eggz (1yellow)
    (1 sweat pepper , 1,5 cup broccoli cauliflower mix)

    Meal2: 1,5 chicken breast with dijon mustard , 2 cups broccoli caulifflower mixes

    Meal 3: 1,5 tilapia fish fillets with onions and mrs dash (2 cup broccolis and cauliflower mix)

    Snack : 30 raw almondz

    Meal 4: 1,5 chicken , 2,5 cup broccoli cauliflower mix

    Meal 5: 10 eggs (no yellow or just half yellow )

    Snack (1.or 2 table spoon peanut butter )

    Meal 6: 350 gram cottage cheese with cinnamon and veggies if i feel like it

    ( i Switch the chicken with some beef or fillet mignon when i have more cash ) )

    Workout days is pretty much the same except i get 2 cups pf brown rice before gym and 1 cup after gym so its like 3 cups of good brown roce on workout days , plus one banana before and a banana after gym as extra everythin else is pretty much the same

  3. Okay right now i am on week 7 i am pretty happy woth my results so far , no bloating that people where saying you get like a baloon etc ... Maybe its cuz of adex i dont know ... I havent got any sides except agression and cant tolerate people as much as before ... Nothing i cant handle it tough ... right now i weight 77kg so i have gained around 8kg in 7 weeks with good increased weights ... This is my current picture
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  4. I got some people telling me to get hcg but i really have budgeted my self for sus vials , adex , dbol , clomid and nova and my food , this is exactly where my money goes too and o course my dogs food cost ... (he is an allergic english bulldog that needs to eat only raw food wich is very expensive for me )
    Any how i hope i can bring the nuts back with clomid and nova on my pct

  5. Plus i heard that i should have injected twice a week splitting the dose of sustanon ... Is it necessery to do that ? Or just keep going ?? I want to start planning my second cycle that i will start on january ... Actually i really dont want to go off but i must ( ... Any reccomendation ? Any suggestions any feed back ? Would e much appreciated ...

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