On P-Mag, can I pulse SD before workouts?

  1. On P-Mag, can I pulse SD before workouts?

    I am currently in the beginning of my fourth week on a p-mag cycle dosed at 75mg pd. I just snagged a couple of bottles of an m-drol/SD clone since it was about to become illegal. As of now I am happy with the gains I am making, but I would also like to get a nice strength spike to help keep my gains. I feel that if I am stronger, than my muscles will have to keep their size.

    I was thinking of taking 10-20mg SD before workouts maybe three times a week and continue my p-mag for the next couple weeks.
    As of now I have no sides that I can tell, and don't seem to be shutdown. I weigh 212 lbs. Since SD is supposed to elicit some serious strength gains, would this help me keep my gains from the p-mag?

  2. Tough, is pmag mythalated? Um probably going to pulse my next SD cycle. Don't think it would do much good pulsed on cycle.

    You know what, I'm not answering this. Sorry don't know what the answer would be here

  3. You've already gone 4 weeks on pmag, and you want to just now start a SD pulse? Wut?

    First, you've got like 2 weeks, 3 weeks max left on pmag. Second, a SD pulse for 2 weeks isn't going to do much at all. You would want to pulse for much longer. Third, a strength increase off SD will fade once the compound evacuates your system. Fourth, idk where you got the idea that a strength increase solidifies gains.

  4. So doing a bit of the SD won't help me much. I was trying to figure out if it would help even if used just a few times since the compound in SD is an ACTIVE steroid...but I don't know if it still needs a few weeks to get things going??? Ill prob just wait till my next cycle to use/pulse it. Any good experiences with pulsing SD here? I here a lot of guys saying they are about to try it, not as many that have.

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