Epi/Havoc Cycle. Everything okay?

  1. Epi/Havoc Cycle. Everything okay?

    Hey guys, first i wanna say this forum is great, so many good informations here about PH/Roids and other stuff. Second thing i want to say is sorry for my grammatic, im from germany. (no im not a nazi )

    Weight 205lbs
    Height: 6 1/2
    Bodyfat: 14 %
    Training: 2 years
    Taking any PH/Roids before: No

    my Cycle
    Havoc 20/30/30/40 mg
    Milk Thistle 80% everyday one capsule

    PCT (after 4 weeks last time taking Havoc)
    Ironmaxx Tribu 1500mg everday one capsule
    Anabolic Xtreme Advanced PCT every day 3 Capsules.

    Diet & Supplements
    3900kcal / Whey, Casein, Creatin, Aminos, Zink 85 mg

    My goal
    Bulking up a little & bodyfat loss

    Everything okay?
    Hope you understand everything and would be very thankful for every answer. Greetings from Germany!


  2. You should have a SERM you can legally buy them online so why wouldn't you

  3. as said above - get your hands on a serm definitly.. at least to have it on hand IF something unexpected happens.. but better use it as part of your pct anyways..
    also i think you cycle would be a pure waste at this dosing/length .. better jump in with 30 straight and then do atleast 5 better 6 weeks and up the dose to 40 a fee weeks in if u feel comfortable, you may also try 50 the last 1-2 weeks.. and better add something for your joints an some vitb6 to avoid prolactin issues.. you could down your zinc intake to about 50mg a day - thats totally enuv'.. greetings from another german fella and good luck on your cycle though

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