basic info - been lifting constantly for 7-8 years
done a hdrol and epi cycle in the past been off for over a year
current stats - 5'9'' 170 roughly 12%

in 9 months im going to vegas then shortly after mexico
i want to look my best ever (ideally 7-8% at 170 , add an inch to my arms )
heres my plan
- 6 weeks of cutting using wendlers 531 Challenge he is about to release via tnation 500 cal a day deficit roughly using carb cycling and e/c
-6 weeks of bulking using dzine 30/45/45/45/45/45 , cycle support, liv 52 and coq10 , pct of nolva 20/20/10 , erase , pct assist
500 cal surplus roughly following layne nortons PHAT program
that brings me to
-jan , feb off cycle following phat still bulking at 500 cals over maintenance
starting march 1- 7 weeks of lean caps 11 at 375mg , e/c
may otc pct
-leave for vegas