Epi + IFbold200 + SD???

  1. Epi + IFbold200 + SD???

    My cycle history is x2 protomax, x2 epistane, x2 stano, and x2 trenazone. So I've got 3 bottles Iforce Bold200, 3 blts LGI Epi, and a btl Transform SD. Getting ready to start a cycle in October and looking for some suggestions on how to run this. I've got Torem on hand for PCT along w/ DAA n some natty tst bst. All suggestions welcome, thanks!

  2. Seems like a lot. Especially combining Epi and SD. What are you goals? IMO Epi or SD + Trenazone would be a great cycle.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. Tried TZ/Epi stack and loved it other than total loss of Libido for like 4 months! Thinking Epi & bold, and possibly pulse the SD 3x a week @ only 10mg.

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