PCT Question guys -> How long?

  1. PCT Question guys -> How long?

    My cycle was 6 weeks long, and consisted of the first 4 weeks 1-T/4-AD trans and last 4 weeks MD and M5aa. I'm starting my third week of PCT soon. So far PCT was 40mg Nolva ED and 90mg Clomid ED plus ZMA and 2400mg Trib ED(might not really work well but was laying around). I started the Nolva during the last week of cycle to make the transition smoother. The nuts shrank some during cycle, but are now back to normal size. I know the size doesn't mean my systems back to normal, but I was wondering how long PCT should last for a cycle like this, I always heard PCT as long as you cycled unless using HCG during cycle, which I didnt.

    Thanks in advance, any helpful comments are welcome.

  2. 4 weeks

    run 20mg nolva for another 2 weeks, and 50mg Clomid

  3. Great thanks one last question should I count the last week of my cycle when I started the Nolva or start counting after the cycle was over?

    Thanks again.

  4. No, taking nolva when you are still on just supresses estrogen, the whole point of PCT is to bring back natural test levels, which you cant do when you are still supressed



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