Helping a friend!

  1. Helping a friend!

    Ok guys, i really need input on this one, a friend of mine will start a cycle almost as the same time as me, he has pinned test and primo before (only 2 cycles under his belt)... i will do a test longer cycle, but my friend wants to try anavar and probably winny... altho i suggest him to go with masteron, specially if he is going to inject winny (OUCH)... i mean if he is goin to pin any of those, masteron would be less painful LOL
    i guess frequency of injecting winny is like EOD?... not sure... also i told him he could take oral winny but not sure if it would be too much for his liver... so help me set a cycle for him please, as with stacking and dosages.

    option one:


    Option 2:


    the plus i see on the masteron is that it could cover him to prevent gyno, i am not pretty sure that winny could cover him on that... winny is a DHT derivative but it does not have very well pronounced androgenic effects... no wonder why people combine prov and winny sometimes.... anyways, anavar does not aromatize, but still some estrogen could be circulating, ect... he wants to keep it so simple... 8 week cycle, he is bigger than me, so he wants to be more cut.

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  6. Week 1-10: 300mg Test P / 300mg Masteron (100mg each MWF)
    Week 5-10:Winstrol @ 30-50mg/day (oral or inj)

    If he is worried about joint issues, throw on 200-300mg/week of eq in there.

  7. Thank you guys!... hmmm so anavar is no contest in your opinion?, he really wants t try it, in fact he wants to avoid pinning too often... altho im pretty sure prop and masteron would give him the results he wants... id suggest him that, thanks a lot, repped


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