Dermacrine/helladrol/lgi stano 200 stack

  1. Dermacrine/helladrol/lgi stano 200 stack

    How would you guys dose this cycle. I have 1 bottle helladrol 1 bottle dermacrine, 2 bottled stano200. I got 1 bottle of cycle support, a bottle of milk thistle, all the ancillaries arimadex, liqui nolva and clomid (clomid is rx so more trustworthy than the nolva) and cialis so I'm almost ready and have everything in place in case of emergency for hopefully a hassle free cycle. . I was thinkin I probably need another bottle of derma to do a 6 week and also an over the counter ai as a preventative measure. I have developed rebound gyno from an ultradrol cycle and after a year of no hormone use I have no lumps just slight puffiness when warm. That being said what are your opinions on dosing this cycle for a cutting recomp cycle with least possibility of reoccurring gyno. I understand there's no guarantees when paying with hormones just lookin for the safest and most preventative way

  2. Any opinions?

    I'm thinking
    600 throughout
    Maybe up 800 last two weeks to fully utilize both bottles
    If I stick with one bottle
    If two
    5 pumps throughout

  3. Herroo????

  4. i am interested in this

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