How effective is T3 ?

  1. How effective is T3 ?

    How effective is T3 for weight loss ? Lets say "compare it to Clen" is it better ? by much ?

  2. Its a slow boat and without diet and cardio I can't even tell it works.
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  3. I would rather NOT use it and just maximize diet and cardio and weights and eca stack...

    Yes we have heard the crowd that boasts about thyroid recovery is over rated and some studies show complete recovery of thyroid within weeks etc....

    but I rather not use such a product and I think alot of people use it when they have no business doing so.. and are more lazy then determined and motivated.


  4. From researching I've heard legit t-3 just melts fat away.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MightyBeast View Post
    From researching I've heard legit t-3 just melts fat away.

    COuld melt away other things too .....

    DNP doesnt just melt away fat either without some diet sacrifice and training.

    Muscle fullness is a major issue IMO when using T3 as it can indiscriminately burn fuel from fat and glycogen


  6. Oh yeah it wud eat muscle too. And yeah u need to diet that's a given. Bit even if u didn't I dnt believe if gain weight but after the cycle u wud gain a hell of a lot of fat without staying to a strict diet. It does mess with Ur thyroids so research research and research some more.

  7. what about 3,5-diiodo??

  8. can't give you a solid answer on comparing T3 to clen because I haven't used it. Used clen, eca, and albuterol and like the last two very much. But I am weary to run a synthetic thyroid medication for fear of permanent damage. Your thyroid gland controls numerous functions in the body and forcing it to go into synthetic overdrive can have side effects on a healthy user who shouldn't have taken it in the first place. Hypothyroidism is no joke. My 2 cents. I would look else where for fat loss before t3/4 drugs

  9. T3 is great IF you are on a cycle to help prevent muscle catabolism. Also as someone pointed out you cant go into a show on it def flattens you out. If you get real t3 / use it moderately for 8 weeks tops ..pref 6 - you wont be disappointed. Its between clen and dnp as far as effectiveness.

    There are a few caveats though.
    I wouldnt be concerned with thyroid function - there are studies of patients thyroid being shut down for 9 months and they fully rcover function in without any therapy. The big concern is cardiac effects. Its horrible for your heart man. I wouldnt run it long or often , but it really is effective. Like everything we take you have to evaluate costs / benefits and make a personal decision.
    BTW there are a ton of Research t3 that are garbage - only a couple ive come across that are legit and legitimately dosed.


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