How often can you inject into the same bodypart?

  1. How often can you inject into the same bodypart?

    Specifically glutes and quads, how often can/should you shoot into them?

  2. Good Q... Starting 2 different props, friday. I fear for my butt.

  3. Ouch, I feel bad for you prop is some painful ****, I think its even worse then 1test cyp. Might wanna add a little sterile oil to your shots or some b12. I shoot my glutes and quate maybe once a week. I also hit my delts alot because they are so easy, and I can put 1.5ccs into each no problems. Calfs are easy also. I dont like quads or glutes too much, glutes because I cant see what IM doing, and quads because I always hit nerves or veins, but I still use them regardless, just go slow with the needles in quads and glutes so you can pull back if you start to hit a nerve.

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