Help me out - how well have PHs worked for you?

  1. Exclamation Help me out - how well have PHs worked for you?

    I have put together a substantial (~40 page) pre-ban guide which will be forthcoming in the near future. It is very practically oriented. It would be helpful for the readers of the guide if you could report here cycles which have worked well, or not so well, for you personally. I have already scoured the cycle logs available, and as I said, my guide is pretty much complete. Your anecdotal reports and observations can still help me fine tune my recommendations, which should be of great assistance for people who when designing their post-ban stockpile no longer have the luxury of time to experiment by trial and error for themselves.

    The following format would be most helpful.
    1. Training experience: new, year or two, seasoned veteran.
    2. Goals you had in starting the cycle.
    3. Anabolics used and duration of cycle, including mode of delivery.
    4. Extras used: e.g. for cutting cycle Trimax, clenbuterol, DNP.
    5. LBM/Fat before:
    6. LBM/Fat after:
    7. Nutrition.
    8. Cardio.
    9. Other comments, observations, or advice. How did you feel about your cycle? Did it go as you expected? were you pleasantly surprised? disappointed? felt ripped off?

    All help you can provide will be appreciated.

  2. i wont bore you with past cycles, but i'll tell you how this one's going.

    10 week cycle

    week 1-10 1000mg 1-test cyp/week
    week 1-10 1500mg 4ad cyp/week
    week 4-10 800mg 5aa cyp/week
    week 1-5 140mg m1,4ad QD

    so fat i have gained 18 lbs of "weight" my body fat has risen 1%, and the m1,4ad is out of my system now, and the 5aa cyp has cut my bloat off completely, so i am left with around a 15lb lbm gain in ~5 weeks. this is my first pinning cycle, and i love it. i have upped calories to around 4500/day with a 45/35/20 split of carb/protein/fat.

    3rd cycle

  3. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. I won't be bored by listing your past cycles. That's mostly what this thread is for.

    Great results by the way. And obviously a fine choice of components.

  4. 5 week cycle of T1Pro
    4AD at 220mg ED 1T at 200mg ED
    Last 2 weeks added 6mg MethylDien

    Felt invincible on this stack once i got past the lethargy, bloated up a lot at the start of it but mild dosing of formastane helped reduce that, this was a bulker turned body recomp.. ended up with more strength less BF and more LBM.
    PCT sucked. (nolva)

    Current cycle

    week1: 5mg M1t/300mg 4AD/1-2mg trimax
    week2: 10mg M1t/300mg4AD/3mg trimax
    week3: 10mg Mdien/40mg M5 preworkout
    week4: " "
    week5: " "
    week6: " "

    going for another 2 weeks or so, only change is taking 10mg in the morning of a workout and 50mg pre of M5

    Feel ok, libido is down, but M5 helps that a bit, im leaning out even though measurments and mybodycomp says otherwise :P
    Strength is up decently, overall weight is down by almost 15lbs.
    Little bit of lethargy, but nothing compared to the ever present fog of being on M1t and trimax, i wish i had doubled my dose of 4AD on that ****. It was hell and destroyed my cardio

  5. 1st cycle was 600mg/QD 1-AD
    loved it. kept 12lbs of solid muscle in 6 weeks.

    2nd cycle was a 1t/4ad transdermal i homebrewed.
    i liked it also, gained ~10 lbs in a 5 week period.



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