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  1. Next Up

    Next cycle will look like this:

    WK 1-6:
    M1,4 90 mg ed
    1-AD 300 mg ed
    4-AD 600 mg ed
    WK 6-8:
    M5AA 80 mg ed (4x20)

    wk 8-12:
    40,40,20,20 Nolva
    CEE/CM/AAKG homebrew 2x ed.

    Tell me what you think!

  2. what are your stats? 1ad seems low. are you bulking? I assume 4ad is trans. the rest dont look too bad.

  3. Yeah, how are you taking the 4ad? It looks low for oral, and to me, 600mg ed is high for td. Do you already have this stuff? If you haven't bought it yet, I think 1-test td would be much better than the 1ad. And the 1-test might just be cheaper too. I'm guessing it's a bulk? I like the mix of compounds, I would just go about it in a different way. Should work well though if you play around with the dosages.


  4. you need a gram a day of 4ad orally. i would bump the 1-ad to 600-800mg also. of course you could bypass the conversion and just get 1-test transdermal.

  5. why no 1ad or 4ad after week 6?

  6. Stats 6` 240. The 4-ad will be 900 mg ed(3x 300) not 200 3x. I am using this because I have it on hand.
    The 1-ad is 100mg 3x ed and will be adjusted if need be. It is more important how I feel with this compound.
    I am stopping all the compounds except 5aa because I only want to run a 6 week cycle of them to see how they go.
    I have only run two PH cycles 1 -3week M1T and a MethylX for 25 days so there may not need to be much adjustment.
    Also at this point, started at 290lbs back in May, all my cycles are body recomp so to speak.

  7. a lot of estrogen for a cutter. the m5 should help.


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