1. Methyl-1-Dien

    Methyl-1-Dien Xtreme is designed for individuals that expect serious results. Common user feedback is that it seems to be very good at improving body-composition, with dramatic gains seen in Lean Muscle as well as decreases in body-fat.

    What is Methyl-1-Dien Xtreme?
    This product contains the compound 17a-methyl-17beta-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one along with standardized Milk Thistle Extract.

    Methyl-1-Dien (17a-methyl-17beta-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one) is one of the most potent prohormones/prosteroids available on the market today. It is structurally related to one of the most potent steroids ever available, methyltrienolone, the methylated version of trenbolone. It is highly anabolic, moderately androgenic, and unlikely to produce estrogenic effects.

    Recommended dosage is 1-3 mg daily. However, many experienced users reportedly take 4-5 mg per day. Common usage for this product is that it taken for up to 4 weeks, with some individuals choosing to take it for up to 6 weeks.

    has anyone done methly-1-dien?

    does anyone know if it causes hairloss?

    what was your dosage and for how long? what results did you see?

  2. Man that info is all over this board just do a search.


  3. i did a search on Methyl-1-Dien ...if you can find it for me ,be my guest.other than that have you done it?

  4. Here is a recent one, try typing in mdien, and you will get a lot more. Yes I have done it, and I got decent results at 5mgs a day, however, I respond well to androgens.

  5. this is a compound im not intrested in if it produces mdien dick.the only thing i have done and currently on is mohn. thanks for the link ryan

  6. I took MDien and was horney all the time, I don't know why some have the opposite effect.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by NickW
    I took MDien and was horney all the time, I don't know why some have the opposite effect.
    Same here made a crushed part of my dingy pull and itch way to much while i was on.

  8. methyl-1-dien is the same compound.


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