friend needs help ....

  1. friend needs help ....

    a freind of mine did a cycle or 2 of 1-ad no pct and recently hes been complaining
    of muscle pain not really joint pain but it sounds more like inflamed muscle to me,
    when he lifts his arm he feels sharp pain along his tricept long head up to his middle delt
    ....i was trying to figure out what would be good for him to take to recover ...any ideas?

  2. muscle pain isn't a side effect of no PCT that i've ever heard of. as far as treatment, ever heard of RICE?


    that don't help go see a doctor. it's damn near impossible to diagnose anything over the internet.

  3. pct would increase test levels and help heal the muscle.

  4. cool thatx , so would u say nova and clomid?

  5. Polish that is the best avatar on the planet. Geez!

    Hey I think my libido's coming back. The PCT must be working!

  6. I think one or the other would be fine.


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