cheap hydroxy testosterone 4oht powder

  1. cheap hydroxy testosterone 4oht powder

    where to find it ?

  2. 1fast has it had it.

  3. I said cheap prices, this is the only thing that didn't decrease in price ?

  4. People don't know so much about it, so I suspect it has not been flying off the shelves. Not much incentive for them to slash the price if they are trying to recover their initial investment. Who knows. - For now only 1F has it as raw powder.

  5. Well i read what they write about it. Discription and such and didnt sound to great for how much they want for it. I could be wrong since i really dont know what it really is so inform me if you do/

  6. It would be good in a transdermal, or as an injectible when DesignerSupps brings out 4OHT-cyp. It is supposed to be about 2/3 as anabolic as testosterone, while being much less androgenic, and actually estrogenic. How anabolic it actually is is open to question, since results 'on paper' tend to be different from those in the real world. Still, there has been good feedback on incorporating some 4OHT into 4AD/1T cycles.

  7. I'm waiting for a 1FASt firesale in dec.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lancelot
    I'm waiting for a 1FASt firesale in dec.
    same here bro


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