1. SNS 4-AD XT

    Is this product and/or company any good?

  2. SNS seems to be a good company. I emailed the pres. about COAs and proof of analysis, and I got an email right back...he kind of dodged the question, though.

    All of their transdermal products seem to be Legal Gear ripoffs.

    4AD is best used transdermally. It also is very inexpensive. Both of theses reasons make the product at hand not really worth it. Their Methyl 4AD product is much better in terms of cost and oral efficacy; but not everyone likes M4AD.

  3. i'm not a huge fan of m4ad. check out for transdermal supplies. he's got a copy of the dermabolics carrier matrix and 4ad for 80 something cents a gram. great deal and a great guy

  4. sns is a good co.Dave and Steve work there.ask for them. sns 4ad causes hairloss if your worryyed about hairloss dont take 4-ad xt



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