Good for PCT!

  1. No it's not.

  2. No it's not.

  3. Why is it when I look at her I think STD?

  4. its because she's a raging whore vanilla

  5. that pic looks kinda photoshopped....i'd **** her...i actually saw her and that other lamer from the backstreet boys who tried to make a single album at ESPNzone in atl...she was pretty hot but i wasnt that impressed.

  6. Her nipple looks like it's infected with ****ing ringworm.

  7. its not photoshopped that actually did happen at p. diddys party they had her picture with her nipple blurred on the cover of the daily news

  8. Damn, her tits aren't healed yet from that surgery?

    She's not my fav, but thx anyway (I think it's in the wrong forum though; Adult Content may have been more appropriate...)


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